one amongst|one in every of} those things that area unit never missing in a Venezuelan bakehouse, these plenty of sunshine sweetness, creamy deep-fried and so filled with dish and wet with sugar, love the globalized stuffed donuts, however have a bit a lot of texture dense they’re a classic Venezuelan snack that several come like a shot to childhood. In alternative countries they’re called “Berliners” or “Krapfen”, that betrays their German origin. In fact, they’re common therein country, similarly as in Oesterreich, and since of immigration, in several components of South AMERICA


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10 Servings

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500 grams flour

2 eggs

25 grams active yeast

70 sugar

50 grams butter, while not salt

1 cup cow’s milk, tibia

vegetable oil, to fry

4 egg yolks

50 grams cornflour

150 sugar

1/2 liters milk

vanilla bean

40 grams butter

1 pinch cinnamon

lime zest


For the dough:

Place the flour in an exceedingly bowl and create a hole within the center or form of a volcano. Add there the sugar, the eggs, the butter at temperature and also the yeast.

combine and incorporate the nice and cozy milk very little} by little, perceptive the consistency of the dough, that ought to be homogenized and soft however not liquid.Knead and build a ball.

Leave within the bowl lined with a textile to lightweight and increase its size. Reserve for 0.5 Associate in Nursing hour.

Once it’s up, cut items of dough, form them into balls and allow them to cool for one more 0.5 hour.

Then, heat the oil over medium heat, use enough oil so the pumps area unit slightly submerged.

once they area unit golden, take away from the oil and drain the surplus fat on absorbent paper.

For the Pastry Cream:

in an exceedingly pot place the milk with a bit vanilla and peel with a bit cinnamon. placed on low heat, and blend very little} by little while not holding it boil.

Then we tend to take away the peel and place the yolks with the cornflour, sugar and a bit milk and continue beating.

Add the butter and then on till it takes form and thickens a bit.

Let cool and prepared.Once the dough balls reach temperature, create a facet cut with a knife while not chopping them in 0.5, and fill with pastry cream.You can sprinkle with sugar or gift them while not it.

PRESENTATIONDecorate by sprinkling sugar and chocolate.

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