How about sipping hot salep while chatting with your loved ones in winter? You can both enjoy the winter months and cook healthy salep at home. Salep, which has benefits in increasing breast milk, also finds flavor with its fragrant smell and cinnamon added to it. So how to make salep at home?

Salep is a plant species with a single root obtained from the Orchidaceae (orchids) family. In our country, salep is mostly produced in the Bucak district of Burdur. 90% of the salep produced is used in ice cream production. It is known that salep, a traditional Turkish drink, entered our lives in the 8th century with the acceptance of Islam and the prohibition of alcohol. The salep plant, which was one of the materials of the sultan’s paste in the Ottoman palace, was also used among the materials of Ibn Sina’s philosophers paste. Salep powder contains starch-like glucomannan. When this substance meets with milk, it starts to swell, thus causing the milk to condense and the consistency of salep is reached. A salep that facilitates digestion, is good for the stomach, increases body resistance and regulates the respiratory tract will be indispensable in the winter months. For those who are curious about making salep at home, we discussed it in today’s article.


The first point to be considered in order for a salep to be delicious; The main ingredient of this delicious drink is that the powdered salep is real salep. Since the taste of non-original salep will also be spoiled, unfortunately, after the cooking stages are finished, a salep with the desired taste will not be produced.

One of the tricks of making delicious salep is; In order for salep to be fresh, it is taken from the herbalist every time it is made.

In order to obtain a delicious result during the production of salep, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the prepared salep is not too watery. In order to understand that the salep has reached the right density, it is important to make sure that it reaches a state that is both runny and solid, like pudding.

Due to cold weather, the time spent in closed and airless environments also extends. Staying for long hours in places that are not ventilated at regular intervals in intense work tempo and rush can cause the person to feel tired and have a headache.



4 cups of milk
One tablespoon of powdered salep
A teaspoon of granulated sugar
A teaspoon of cinnamon

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